Declarations of Conflicts of Interest

Kathleen (Kit) Darling currently serves on the board of directors for Aggieland Pets With A Purpose (President) and Aggieland Humane Society. No financial compensation is received.

Michelle Day is Director of Regional Societies for Society of Gastroenterology Nurses and Associates.

Donald Fry serves on the Board of the Surgical Infection Foundation and is a past president of the organization. He is currently a member of 25 surgical societies and holds no offices for any of these societies at the time of publication. He speaks periodically on surgical infections for Merck and has been a consultant and speaker for Ethicon on two occasions within the last year. At the time of publication, Dr. Fry was organizing a controlled clinical trial for the IrrlMax Company on the use of an innovative application of dilute chlorhexidine in the surgical wound.

Bruce Gamage is currently president of Infection Prevention and Control Canada (IPAC Canada).

Keith St. John is currently employed by Wolters Klower Health.

Patricia Kienle is currently employed by Cardinal Health.

Rebecca Murphy is currently the treasurer for her local Association of periOperative Registered Nurses chapter.

William Pate was elected board member for the South Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society through April 2014. He is also employed by The University of Texas Medical Branch as an Environmental Health and Safety Consultant.

William Rutala served as a consultant for Advanced Sterilization Products and Clorox.

David J. Weber served as a consultant for Johnson & Johnson and Clorox.

Timothy Wiemken serves on the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America guidelines committee, received grant funding from Clorox Healthcare, is on the speaker bureau for Sanofi Pasteur.