Ophthalmology Services

Darlene Miller, DHSC, MPH, CIC Research Assistant Professor

Scientific Director-Microbiology Laboratory
Anne Bates Leach Eye Hospital
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
University of Miami School of Medicine
Miami, FL

Original Publication:
October 2, 2014


Healthcare-associated infections related to ophthalmic care are rare. In general, they make up less than 5 percent of infections in hospitalized patients. The incidence and prevalence of healthcare-associated infections in the majority of ambulatory centers are not known or uniformly monitored. Outbreaks of bacterial and viral conjunctivitis, contact lens-associated keratitis, and postoperative endophthalmitis are concerns that affect all infection preventionists across the continuum of healthcare. The widening scope of ophthalmic practice coupled with more advanced and complex outpatient procedures amplifies the number of patients at risk and increases the need for uniform infection prevention standards and routine surveillance.