Accrediting and Regulatory Agencies

Sheila Shipley, RN, DNP, CIC, EBP-C Infection Preventionist / Multidrug-Resistant Organism Prevention Coordinator

Kansas City Veterans Administration Medical Center

Kansas City, MO

Revised Publication:
January 25, 2024
Original Publication:
October 2, 2014
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  • Sheila Shipley reports no conflicts of interest.


The focus on patient safety and healthcare quality has never been greater. The recent COVID-19 pandemic cast a global spotlight on the importance of infection prevention and control (IPC). This was not lost on healthcare regulatory and accrediting agencies that have always played an important role in ensuring the quality and safety of healthcare. However, the focus on IPC across all healthcare settings has significantly increased. It is, therefore, crucial that infection preventionists (IPs) be familiar with requirements, guidelines, and regulations that impact their practice. This chapter provides information about the key regulatory organizations and accrediting agencies pertinent to the practice of IPC. A foundational knowledge of their guidelines and requirements will position IPs to provide the best leadership and guidance to reduce the risk of infection for patients, families, communities, and populations.