Legal Issues

Brigid Sheridan, RN, JD Associate General Council

University Health System
San Antonio, TX

Revised Publication:
February 14, 2024
Original Publication:
October 2, 2014

The APIC Text's team recognizes and thanks Chapter Contributor Elizabeth Nishiura for her careful handling of the 2024 revised Legal Issues Chapter. The team also thanks Brigid Sheridan for authoring the original 2014 chapter in addition to revising the 2024 section. 


Lawsuits against healthcare providers may involve civil actions against an organization and professional malpractice suits against physicians and other healthcare practitioners. The threat of litigation is a compelling reason for infection preventionists and other healthcare providers to know and adhere to standards, state rules, and federal laws that govern their practice. The specialty of infection prevention and control incorporates many issues that have both legal and ethical implications to consider in any decision-making process.


The information in this chapter does not constitute legal advice. Infection preventionists and healthcare organizations should consult with legal counsel regarding specific infection prevention and control questions or concerns.