APIC Text Lead Editor: Position Description & Requirements

Do you love writing and editing? Are you passionate about educating the Infection Prevention community? Apply for the APIC Text Lead Editor role today!

The APIC Text Lead Editor (LE) is tasked with overseeing the systematic, ongoing review and revisions of the APIC Text. The LE will meet regularly with APIC Staff and members of the Text’s editorial team and address strategic, personnel, and content concerns regarding the Text and chapter revision. The LE is responsible for reviewing all finalized chapters prior to publication and communicating feedback to APIC Staff and the editorial team promptly. The LE will also serve as the APIC Text representative as requested at Annual Conference, APIC Board Meetings, social media and similar. In addition to addressing chapter revision, the LE will strategize with APIC Staff and the editorial team to identify and implement innovations to Text content (interactive content, new chapter topics, how the Text is presented to users, etc.) and reach (expanding audiences, reviewing reader needs, etc.).

The LE’s responsibilities fall into three main categories of Content Management, Strategic Development and Execution, and Team Engagement as detailed below. APIC’s professional staff is available to facilitate scheduling and logistics, chapter copyediting, production support, etc.

I.        Content Management

  • Oversee the systematic, ongoing review and revision of APIC’s work entitled the APIC Text (the Text) (the “Work”).
  • Adhere to the guidelines and practices described in the Text Operations Manual and Text
  • Reviewer Guidelines. Assist with revising these documents, as needed.
  • Work with Text Clinical Editors to identify chapters and other Text content where updates are needed based on relevance to practice and consequences to direct care and prioritize the research/development of those updates.
  • Approve placement of new content chapters in the Work.
  • Review and approve or otherwise provide feedback on draft-chapters nearing publication.
  • With the APIC staff, aide in the creation of ancillary Text-related content, such as posts on the Text homepage, supplementary video/audio, etc.
  • On an occasional basis, serve as the Clinical Editor or Associate Section Editor for content updates and complete Chapter Reviews.

II.      Strategy Development and Execution

  • Serve as the official representative of the Text, as requested, at APIC Board meetings, Committee leader forums, APIC Annual Conference, on social media accounts, etc.
  • Develop and revise, as needed, Text content policy, procedures, and future direction.
  • Work with Text Clinical Editors and APIC staff to create the plan and goals for content updates to the Work (Text chapters and sections).
  • Together with Text Clinical Editors, recommend development and publication of new chapters or chapters that need to be deleted.
  • Consider trends and developments in infection prevention and control. Share this knowledge with other Clinical Editors and APIC staff.

III.    Team Engagement

  • Participate in weekly status update calls with APIC staff to troubleshoot issues and maintain project momentum.
  • Address queries and feedback from APIC Staff in a timely fashion.
  • Attend and participate in monthly calls with Clinical Editors, APIC Staff and, as necessary, Associate Section Editors to maintain project momentum, review updates and troubleshoot issues.
  • Assist Text Clinical Editors and APIC staff in identifying and engaging competent Clinical Editors, Associate Section Editors and authors to revise and update the Work.
  • Assist the APIC Staff in resolving any author-related issues.
  • Assist the APIC Staff in resolving any personnel issues related to Clinical Editors or Associate Section Editors.


  • Masters degree in a healthcare background (e.g. public health, nursing, medical) is required
  • Certification in Infection Control (CIC) is required
  • APIC Member for a minimum of 5 years and frequent user of the APIC Text
  • Demonstrated ability to write and edit work for academic audience and scholarly publications
  • Demonstrated experience leading or serving on an editorial board/team
  • Preference will be given to strong candidates with previous experience as APIC Text editors
  • Excellent organization and communication skills, both written and oral, as well as the ability to address multiple projects simultaneously in a timely manner

Time commitment: Varies; 2-5 hours/week. Two-year term with option to extend.

To apply, please submit a CV, 2-3 writing samples, letter of intent and 2-3 letters of recommendation to texteditor@apic.org. Please be sure to highlight publications and previous work done on the APIC Text.