New Content Update: Infectious Disease Disasters -- Bioterrorism, Emerging Infections, and Pandemics

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Kelley M. Boston, MPH, CIC, CPHQ, FAPIC

Dear Reader,

In our latest content update, we’re excited to have a timely update to Chapter  122. Infectious Disease Disasters: Bioterrorism, Emerging Infections, and Pandemics by Terri Rebmann, PhD, RN, CIC, and director of the Institute for Biosecurity at Saint Louis University.

Infection preventionists (IPs) around the world are dealing with the emergence of a novel respiratory virus, COVID-19.  We are leading the way in protecting our patients, healthcare workers, and the public from infectious disease and we must rely on accurate resources to guide our practice and decision making.  The APIC Text is here to serve as a long-term resource in managing infectious disease disasters.

APIC, along with other professional organizations and public health groups, is also working to ensure that IPs have rapid access to reliable information specific to this outbreak, and tools to support their organizations in providing safe patient care in a rapidly changing environment.  Below are links to several additional resources that you may find useful as you respond to COVID-19.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Coronavirus Disease 2019

  • Current situation updates
  • Guidance for general public
  • Clinical testing and treatment information
  • Personal Protective Equipment requirements and training resources
  • Communication resources

APIC: COVID-19 Resources

  • APIC COVID-19 Fact Sheet
  • APIC PPE Do’s and Don’ts infographics for staff education
  • COVID-19 updates from APIC President Connie Steed, MSN, RN, CIC, FAPIC

SHEA: Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources

  • Outbreak response training resources
  • Links to COVID-19 research and publications
  • Collection of guidelines for clinicians
  • Clinician and patient education resources

Thank you for all that you do each day to protect those in your care, and for the work you are doing to prevent the spread of infections.


Kelley M. Boston, MPH, CIC, CPHQ, FAPIC

Chair, APIC Text Online