Navigating the APIC Text

The APIC Text: Designed to search by topic

As an online resource, the APIC Text is not designed to be read chapter by chapter, as you would a book. The best way to use the APIC Text is to search by the topic you’re interested in.

To search, enter keywords (e.g., listeria) in the Search Bar. The Search Bar is located on the top right-hand side of every page, beneath the Log-in link.

Tips about keywords:

  • The search is case insensitive. Upper- and lowercase characters may be used.
  • Phrase search can be achieved by using quotes, for example: "Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"
  • Words may be excluded by using a minus ( - ) character, example: lazy -dog

Example: Searching for information on “antimicrobials”

Say you’re searching for information on antimicrobials. Here are the steps you would take

Step One: Enter “Antimicrobials” into the Search Bar.

Step Two: Click “Search,” or press Enter on your keyboard. The next page will display the search results, or all pages that contain your term. In this case, the search returned 394 results. To view a particular result, click on the title link.

Note that your results are labeled by Content Type. The search returns:

  • Chapter sections: display the name of the section, followed by the title of the chapter the section appears in.
  • Full chapters: display just the chapter title.
  • Abstracts: appear as “Abstract,” followed by the chapter in which the abstract appears and a preview of the abstract text.
  • Articles display Letters from the Editor that relate to your keyword.
  • References display the full reference citation.
  • Images: appear as “Image:”, followed by the image name and a thumbnail. The chapter in which the image appears is also listed underneath the image title. 
  • Tables: appear as “Table:,” followed by the table name. The chapter in which the table appears is also listed underneath the table title. 
  • Authors: appear as the author name, followed by the person’s title

Step Three: Filter your results using the “Refine Your Search” tool in the left-hand column. This allows you to filter by the Content Types discussed above, as well as several other helpful categories related to your keyword. In our Antimicrobials example, you can also filter by Practice setting, Infections/pathogen, Agency, and Community Health-related topics.

Step Four: Click on the links to see results related to a specific topic or content type.

Note: You can also browse the APIC Text's various chapters by visiting the Table of Contents, here. However, for best results, we encourage you to search by topic using the Search Bar. Our optimized search tool combs through the APIC Text's many chapters in an instant, and shows you all the pages related to your area of interest, so you don’t miss anything.


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